Antique Aubusson Rugs

VF01In order to be considered antique, Aubusson rugs must have been produced prior to 1870.  This is because these rugs would have been woven in Aubusson itself.  Any Aubusson rug made after this time is a replica and therefore likely comes from India, China, Pakistan or Iran.

Collectors of antique Aubusson rugs are primarily interested in finding rugs based on their historical importance or uniqueness.  Rug collectors use their knowledge and creativity to see the artistic value of an antique rug.  In this way, they are able to see beyond any problems of condition or damage.  They are not looking for a rug based on the impression the rug offers.  Collectors of antique Aubusson rugs and others are generally known as “rug enthusiasts” and are highly knowledgeable about rugs and tapestries.

In order to ensure you are buying an antique Aubusson rug, it is important to find a dealer with a solid reputation and one you can trust.  Make no mistake; if you are passionate about collecting antiques and you are looking to add an antique Aubusson rug to your collection, there are dealers out there who can help you.  The best advice we can offer when it comes to entering the world of antique rugs is to do your homework and conduct thorough research.

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