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Aubusson rugs are among the finest rugs in the world.  Originating in France in the 15th century, these rugs were traditionally hand-woven from wool, and are now also manufactured from affordable machine-made synthetics without compromising quality or durability.  They were also originally a flat-weave design and are still made in this way, but are now also made with pile for carpeting.  Regardless of which type of rug you choose, hand-woven or machine made, you will bring a touch of France into your home.

Aubusson rugs were easily distinguished because of their style, featuring a floral medallion and pastel colors.  They have since evolved and are now available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, shapes and sizes that will complement almost any décor.  They fit well into both formal and casual settings, and are particularly stylish when displayed on hardwood flooring.

Whether the purpose is to accent a room or create a cozy, comfortable living space, Aubusson rugs come in a variety of styles to help you achieve your decorating goal.  Once only found in the homes of French aristocrats, an Aubusson rug is now available to anyone who is interested in French décor.  In front of the fireplace, under the dining room table, at the foot of the bed, adorning the foyer, or in the hallway, these beautiful rugs make your house a home.  They add a unique charm that only this type of rug can bring to a room.  They are also durable and perform well in higher traffic areas making them an ideal choice.

When it comes to purchasing new rugs for one or more rooms in your home, choosing an Aubusson rug will bring sophistication and style.  You’ll  be able to take an ordinary room to extraordinary just by adding one of these beautiful rugs.  Check out the extensive selection of Aubusson rugs available at the fine sources at  You will also find great information and decorating ideas.

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More About Aubusson Rugs

Ever wondered how Aubusson rugs and tapestries were made? Originally, they were hand-woven by the talented weavers in the French town of Aubusson. It was a complex, multi-step process that began with the oiling and washing of the raw wool in the pure waters of the River Creuse, the river upon which the town of Aubusson is situated. Following this step, the wool was carded (the process by which individual fibers are separated causing them to lie parallel and most of the remaining impurities removed) and spun into yarn. It took spinners approximately three days to turn one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of rough wool into a double string of yarn one kilometer (0.6 miles) long.

In order to bring color to the wool, it was dyed in a wide range of hues and shades. The dye colors were derived from vegetable and mineral matter, and if a particular color was not readily available, it was the dyer’s job to create it by mixing primary colors together. During the dying process, the wool was dipped in a 95 degree water bath for more than three hours to which the colorings had been added.

Before the actual weaving began, weavers and creators worked together to develop the design of the Aubusson rug, choosing colors and patterns or pictures. The design was then drawn on canvas in an inverted format because Aubusson rugs and tapestries had to be woven from the back, as the weaver was only able to see the reverse side.

Using the drawn pattern as a guide, weavers created Aubusson rugs by an interlacing technique of two elements, the warp and the weft. The warp was generally composed of threads of cotton linen or strong tightened wool, which ran lengthwise and formed the foundation of the rug. The warp was strung between two rollers and kept under tension throughout the weaving process. The weft was composed of the latitudinal wool threads, which were wound around small netting needles called flutes. The flutes were passed between the threads of the warp to create the design of the Aubusson rug. With this technique, weavers were able to produce a flat rug with no pile. The final step of the weaving process occurred when the weaver cut the exterior threads of the weft and the elegant design of the rug or tapestry was revealed for the first time.

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